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Owner "Cloud Atlantic" J Lucan

Words that attending beauty professionals are saying about Atlantic City

Can't Wait, Refreshing, Exciting, Long Over Due, Passionate Educators, Techniques without  product guidance,

 Tips and information to help stylist build on our craft.  

Atlantic City 2019 Education Purchase and 2020 to 2022 for the 

Atlantic City Cosmetology Convention

2019 Headliners education pass holders allows access to the next 3 year access to Atlantic City.

The 4,000 or less attendees will also be entered into prize drawings totaling up to $100,000 a year.

Your attendance each year is not required to win any of the above or below prizes.

Each year after this drawing your names will be added to the drum with the names of all professionals for that year to be selected for 1 of 200 $500.00 prizes

Why Cosmetology Convention?

For once education events should be recognized for the licensed cosmetologist and not some initial or bright spot light name.

Education should belong to beauty professionals and those educators who love to teach and inspire others willing to set time aside to be informed by not only the best in the United States but from others around the world.

Three (3) needed factors for a Hair Show.

The first is the attendee who will buys a ticket pass to enter any said shows.  The next is the manufactures who pay for floor space and beg mostly for classroom time only being grated maybe 1 classroom for 1 hour for 1 day. 

Exhibit booth rental is a very expensive investment for manufactures of any size from $1400.00 for a 10' x 10' to $4,000.00 for the same 10' x 10' at a more desired geographic area such as New York or Las Vegas.

The 3rd and most important is "Educators" of whom you may not be aware are compensated not enough to break even or no compensation.

Why are shows on the decline in attendance?

Many in the Professional beauty industry feel attendance is down do to On-Line Education and that is only a very small part.  The truth is tickets are not sold because those tasked with selling them do not want to loose income credit for products purchased at these show.  Many only invite their top 20 accounts for great deals that is not offered to any stylist or part of any "Great" bag deal.

So How to make Education Affordable and Fun?

1st the beauty professional will still have to purchase a pass for 2020 on forward expect those who are attending this year your ticket this year will get you a new badge that will say ACCC/Headliners V.I.P.

2nd Manufacturers who put a very big expensive tab into this should gain something in return.

 So the first is Hotel Room stays for 5 nights depending on your commitment to a classroom or exhibit space.

So the second is food vouchers for the buffets that your educators or staff at the location of where your located.

And 3rd Revenue from your Classroom or exhibit rental goes to the free or voucher ticket to day time all day snack stands at all location.

And Fourth if Atlantic City hits a mark of 25,000 attendees for the convention in 2020 a 25 percent discount to all exhibitors for the following year of 2021.

So what happens to the payed attendance revenue? 

As a professional who buys a pass to Atlantic City this revenue covers a major need and that is to cover the cost of the "Best of The Best" in educators.  In 2020 Atlantic City will require 250 to 350 neutral educators to be able to teach in up to 200 classroom across Atlantic City.  Atlantic City will also have to provide shuttle bus service to all participating locations from early 8 AM to 3 AM Saturday through Tuesday 6 PM.